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  HFW2 Antenna wire for wire antennas



HFW2.02 antenna wire



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HFW2.02 Antenna Wire specifications

HFW2.02 fixing systems


      You Tube video: HFW2.02 Vs. stranded copper wire



The best wire for antennas - quad , delta loop, dipole, wire beam, long-wire, HF receiving antenna,

beverage , wire log-periodic, V beam , rhombic …


Is a flexible stranded antenna wire                    low loss RF-conductivity                    low weight and low wind load




HFW2.02 braid wire is built on a stainless steel core with 1.5mm Ų. This core is covered with a silver plated copper mesh. Because of the steel core the wire has a very high tensile strength, sufficient to raise long dipoles or beverages very tautly. The silver-plated copper mesh on the outside results in a very good conductivity, good for high currents as they are present at the center of a dipole.


- Ų 3.0 mm ( 0.115 Inch ) PVC Jacket UV resistant
- Ų 2.1 mm ( 0.083 Inch ) Silver plated copper braid ( 19 steps )
- Ų 1.5 mm ( 0.059 Inch ) 49 x 0.18 stainless steel core AISI 316 ( UNI X 8 CrNiMo 1712 – UNI 6900/71 )
- Up to 12 KW RF , 1.5 to 30 MHz
- Temperature range: - 100 to + 155 deg C
- Weight : 21.85 g/m
- DC resistance: 30 Ohms/Km
- RAL 7001
- Breaking load 1170 N ( 257 lbs )

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High Grade Antenna Wire Silver coated with steel center The HFW-2 is a high quality antenna wire for the construction of antennas. Whether you want to build a dipole, a wire beam, a long wire, a quad or a Deltaloop - with this strand can solve many of the usual problems. HFW-2 is stranded on a stainless steel core with 1.5mm Ų. It is a silver-coated copper mesh with 2.1 mm outer diameter. Due to the steel core in a very high tensile strength, such measures can also be very long, free-hanging antennas as Beverages, dipoles etc. taut tension. The silver-coated copper braid provides excellent conductivity. This helps especially at the dipole center, where high currents can occur at high power.In contrast of other 'premium" wires with smaller diameters the HFW-2 strand is made ​much more robust and is, for example, also used in military antennas. The larger diameter provides larger bandwidths with dipole antennas. The silver coating of dense copper braiding provides excellent conductivity in order to handle higher power.The outer jacket is made of a special UV-resistant PVC with 3mm outer diameter. All in all, the HFW-2 wire is an excellent alternative "Made in Europe" to other antenna wires. Durable, high tensile strength, weather proof, high power, relatively easy - better an antenna wire hardly be.