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                                                          HF  Antennas

 Fixed Directional Wire Log Periodic Antennas







HF wire log periodic antennas suitable for operation covering medium to long distances.



Used for the transmission and reception of vertically polarized signals.                  







Wire log periodic HF antennas  ,  Series 1530



Frequency range: 1.5 - 30 MHz




Mod. LP 1530-W/2            2 KW          HF log-periodic broad-band antenna


Mod. LP 1530-W/10          10 KW        HF log-periodic broad-band antenna



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 Wire log periodic HF antennas , Series 0330



Frequency range: 4 - 30 MHz





Mod. LP 0330-W/2             2 KW          HF log periodic broadband antenna


Mod. LP 0330-W/10           10 KW        HF log periodic broadband antenna


Mod. LP 0330-W/R             receiving    HF log periodic broadband antenna




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 Wire log periodic HF antennas , Series 630



Frequency range: 6.5 - 30 MHz




Mod. LP 630-W/2             2 KW          HF log-periodic broad band antenna


Mod. LP 630-W/10           10 KW        HF log-periodic broadband antenna



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1.5 MHz to 30 MHz For radiomonitoring over short, medium and global distances with extremely high sensitivity The wire log periodic is suitable for the reception of horizontally polarized waves and allows even very weak signals to be detected. The vertical pattern is shaped taking into account the transmission characteristics in the ionosphere. In conjunction with the extremely wide frequency range from 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz, the antenna thus allows reception over short, medium and global distances. The half-power beamwidth of the horizontal radiation pattern of about 70░ can be enhanced up to 360░ by adding five further antennas. For the reception of vertically polarized waves, the antenna can be combined with the Log-Periodic HF Antenna R&S«HL210A3.