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High delivered torque for carrying heavy or multiple antennas

Accurate positioning of multiple antennas in the azimuth and elevation/polarization direction

Heavy Duty Double Worm Drive Azimuth Rotator with 1 Degree Resolution.



We have a new line of antenna rotators , antenna rotors, click here

                                                                                                                                                                            Smart Antenna Rotors , new line

- antenna rotator

- antenna rotators like rotor or rotors

- antenna rotator with digital control box and power box. The rotators are with double worm gear irreversible under wind load.

- All our antenna rotators are supplied with torsionally flexible jaw coupling .




The Giovannini's antenna Rotators , are designed for medium and very large antenna system.The antenna rotator or antenna rotor are designed to be installed inside a tower or beside for a rotating tower or a mast.

Specifications  in this link Smart Antenna rotator

Antenna rotators PDF specifications


Antenna rotator direction adjustement:
Antenna rotators alignement is mechanical. After the antenna is installed on the tower mast Unlock the bolts on mast clamp, turn the rotator to the NORTH position, and with a magnetic compass turn the antenna mast until the antenna beam direction is like that shown on the rotator control box , North . Lock the antenna mast with the mast clamp bolts. The antenna beam direction now is fixed. If you want to change it, you must rotate the antenna mast on mast clamp.

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