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The new line of Smart antenna rotors

Mod. GE4000NS Mod. GE 2500NS Mod. GE 1500NS Antenna rotator Control box and Power box

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PDF informations for rotor  Antenna rotators PDF specifications


Important rules:

Bigger and weights is the antenna, more slower must be the rotator or rotor

The torsionally flexible jaw coupling is necessary with medium and large antenna systems with antenna rotor/rotors

Calculate the torque of the antenna system and double it. The antenna rotator should be dimensioned with this rule

The rotator or rotor has a unique design. The motor is located on the side of the gear box. The motor output shaft terminates on a flange, where different kinds of mast clamp, available from us, may be fixed with bolts.

This rotators is designed to be installed inside a tower, make sure that your antenna mast charge antenna load and rotate trought a trust bearing. This will make you life easy in case of rotator failure. Before drilling holes in the mounting plate, place the rotator inside the tower and adjust its position so that there will be no interference between rotator body and tower. Put the antenna mast inside the mast clamp and lock centrally. The centre axis line must be within 0.5 of true.